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Western Classes November 2017


The qualification rounds for our Winter Championship are now open and running in the months from September 2017 to February 2018. The Winter Championship will be held in March 2018. During the qualification months, all riders in the first 6 places of each level will qualify automatically.

W1 – Pleasure Horse – Walk & Jog

W2 – Pleasure Horse – Novice Rider

W3 – Pleasure Horse – Novice Horse

W4 – Pleasure Horse – Open

W5 – Showmanship – Novice

W6 – Showmanship – Open

W7 – Reining – Novice Rider/Horse

W8 – Reining – Open Rider/Horse

W9 – Horsemanship – Walk & Trot

W10 – Horsemanship – Novice Rider/Horse

W11 – Horsemanship – Open

W12 – Ranch Horse – all levels

W13 – Best Western Photo

We are not only hosting online shows, we want you and your equine partner to improve and reach for the stars.

One of our judges/trainers will explain and offer detailed advice on every move of your test after it has been judged. This opportunity will be free of charge for all tests below 60%. All riders with scores above 60% will be charged £5 per score sheet. Simply, wait for your marked score sheet to arrive and contact us.


UK’s leading Western Judge, David Lloyd, is judging all our Western and Horsemanship Classes