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EQUUS – The Horse Book

The EquiMind Photobook from horse lovers for horse lovers.


We will capture the world of our horses in photographs and pictures taken by those who can’t imagine a life without horses.

Everybody can become a published artist!

Send us your photo/digitalized artwork by November 15 to get published in our exclusive, high quality coffee book. A team of professional photographers will decide on the final selection of photographs / pictures.

The book will be available to order by the end of November 2017, whereby the net profit of the sales will be donated to two important equine charities, the “Pferdeklappe” and the AHT – Animal Health Trust.

How much does cost to enter my photos?

Absolutely nothing!

What kind of photos and artwork can I send?

We don’t want to stop you from being creative, therefore, we have only thought of a few themes to group the entries.


Background Thoughts – we are looking for interesting ideas for the background of your photos/images

Costume Party – whether it is a traditional costume or something fancy, it’s all up to your creativity

Moviestars – who hasn’t dreamt of being a moviestar? What about reinacting a scene from “The Black Stallion” or ” Seabiscuit”?

Family Gathering – “Horse families” are big and include humans as well as all kinds of other living beings. Be quick to capture unforgettable moments

Simply Magical – the seasons, sun & moon, wind & weather create maigical moments with magical horse…

Perspective – a fabulous landscape with a horse hiding in the background, close-ups, or pictures making you look twice – surprise us!

Loving Life – when horses have fun…

What else should I know?

Please, take a moment to read the terms & conditions.


We support two equine charities with our project – the “Pferdeklappe” and the AHT – The Animal Health Trust.



Die Pferdeklappe